A Balkan Anthology

Edited by A. Johnson and Zakalin Nezic

 The collection of works in VOICES FROM THE FAULTLINE contains short stories, poetry, avant-garde dramas, satires, myths, travel stories, plays, essays, theses, novel excerpts, poetry and diary entries written by writers, poets, and playwrights from the Balkans. Countries represented are Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey. Some of the writers are still living in Southeast Europe, while others are members of the Balkan Diaspora. Among the variety of subjects covered are the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia; Roma (Gypsy) issues; experiences from the Balkan Wars; travel in the Philippines, Central Asia, the 'Stans; demonstrations in Belgrade; the war in Afghanistan; seafarers' adventures on the Black Sea; longings of refugees; experiences of young people in the Balkans; Balkan myths; Greek-Turkish concerns; scenarios from the former Yugoslavia set to Rock and Roll themes; and a variety of beautiful, avant-garde, passionate, and sorrowful poetry.

Faculties of Comparative Literature, East European and Slavic Studies, and Anthropology and REESC studies will find that VOICES FROM THE FAULTLINE is more than an eclectic collection of contemporary literature of the Balkans; it represents a study of the history, culture, mythology, and anthropology of this often misunderstood region of Europe.





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