Literature, poetry, other writing by Balkan authors, poets, and playwrights, as well as books about the former Yugoslavia and Southeast Europe published in English and available from small publisher, ZayuPress. See titles, authors, book covers, and endorsements by Prof. Noam Chomsky, Prof. Andrei Codrescu, Kemal Kurspahic, Dr. Mihailo Crnobrnja, Dr. Stefan Balan, Prof. John Kolsti, Prof. Andrew Wachtel, and Dr. Florian Bieber. The anthology, poetry collection and historical novel featured offer American readers and student of Eastern European Studies, Balkan and Slavic Literatures and Languages, Comparative Literature, and Anthropology an opportunity to experience the passion, political satire, and humor in the creative poems, essays, novels, short stories, journals, and plays of the Balkans.


ZBOGOM SRBIJO (Goodbye Serbia) - Yugoslavia: Two Faces of War

ZBOGOM SRBIJO relates the experiences of a freelance journalist, who returns to Yugoslavia in the mid-90s as the war raged in Bosnia. While trying to help a friend, she becomes entangled in the war. Her obsession for a mysterious Balkan man, who both frightens and mesmerizes her, leads her into a terrifying abyss where she painfully learns that given the right circumstances, anyone is capable of the unimaginable.
 "...This is a novel from the bleeding pen." -- Kemal Kurspahic, war editor of the Sarajevo's Oslobodjenje and author of 'As Long As Sarajevo Lives'. 

ISBN 0-9707059-1-3
Price: 18.00



While the world's attention has been focused on the violence and political events in the Balkans, the creative works of those who struggle to maintain the rich literary culture in this under represented part of Europe has been ignored. This anthology recognizes some of those passionate voices from the faultline.
"... fascinating -- if not exactly a balm to the spirits." -- Noam Chomsky, MIT professor of Linguistics & Philosophy, social activist, lecturer, political analysis, and author of Rogue States, 9-11. 

ISBN 0-9707059-2-1
Price: 36.00


TOMBS FROM HEAVEN - Metaphorical Poetry from Romania

In conflict with Romanian authorities, Smarandache became a dissident. In 1988 he escaped Ceausescu's totalitarian regime, left his peasant parents, his son and pregnant wife, and fled to Turkey where he survived two years in a political refugee camp. After immigrating to the US, he later returned to his homeland for his family and to retrieve his buried poems and manuscripts; however, the remainder of his work had been confiscated by the secret police and were never returned.

ISBN 0-9707059-3-X
Price: 16.00


A TRILOGY IN pARadOXisM - Avant-Garde Political Dramas

Not simply an example of paradox in literature or merely a trio of plays from the theatre of the absurd. Smarandache's dramas epitomize the perversion of power and the ambagious nature that plagues today's regimes -- regardless of the ideology in which they veil themselves. The nonsensical dialogue, chauvinistic rulings, and paradoxical imagery in these plays mimic a regime's preoccupation with power-dominance, pride, self-grandiloquence, revenge, unpatriotic labeling of the opposition, and an ideology based not on constructive dialogue and equality, but on subjugation and/or annihilation. The Emperor has no clothes! Like the leader's constituency in Smarandache's dramas, many in today's society choose to hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil with regard to their own government -- there lies the Axis of Evil ... and the paradox!

ISBN 0-9707059-5-6
Price: 25.00


EYES IN THE DARK - Poetry Obscura

An eclectic collection of twenty-one poems by Zakalin Nezic, journalist, editor, and author of Zbogom Srbijo - Yugoslavia: Two Faces of War

ISBN 0-9707059-4-8
Price: 8.00




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